Saturday, October 15, 2011

Interview - Jazz Singer, JB Baretsky Talks Music + Dating

We caught up with the talented and well-dressed JB Baretsky to ask him some questions about romance, old Hollywood, and his upcoming debut single; "One Nighter" which is more of an emotional track than it is about his physical endeavors .....and he's only 24. WTH?!

TMMP: What's your favorite place to take a date to?
JB: The best answer is where I don't take them on dates, like anywhere that involves competition. So bowling, pool, and mini golf are all out 'cause I'd get way too concentrated on beating my date. I also avoid loud places where conversations are impossible. Especially if it's early on in a dating experience. I want to be able to get to know her.

TMMP: What's your drink of choice on a date?
JB: My drink of choice on a date doesn't waiver from my drink of choice period. Jack Daniels. On the rocks. Cheers.

TMMP: Do you walk a lady to her door at the end of the night?
JB: That depends on the girl..Recently that's been seen as kind of corny and uncool. But you need to feel her out (not literally). It's all about reading your date.

TMMP: How many dates are appropriate to get invited inside?
JB: Well, I mean from a guy's point-of-view, it doesn't matter because we're going to accept that invite regardless. But I'd probably say 3 to stay on the classy side.

TMMP: You're old soul. Who's your favorite Hollywood romancer?
JB: Humphrey Bogart - tough and rugged. And I mean, if that guy could get Lauren Bacall, there's hope for the rest of us.

TMMP: If you could be any actor in Hollywood history, who would you be?
JB: Any one of them who lived past the age of 70. So thats basically Paul Newman or Jimmy Stewart.

TMMP: What's your favorite song to make-out to?
JB: Nothing says romance like swapping spit to the soothing melody of The Safety Dance. No... Ummm actually, anything with a theme of love or loving or making love is good. But I think that music is very important to making out. I was watching a movie with Brad Pitt (he was starring in it, not watching it with me) and he looked fine and dandy and all. Then he got the girl on a couch, the music snuck in, and everything he said was just magnified a thousand times over. So I mean if Brad Pitt needs music, us regular guys must be desperate for some.

TMMP: What is your single; "One Nighter" about exactly?
JB: It's about two people who just want the same thing. They find each other, get what they want, and go their separate ways. It's a song of healing and being healed. Ok, maybe not healed but ya kno at least getting some peroxide on the wound.

TMMP: Would you consider yourself a player or a hopeless romantic?
JB: Hopeless romantic. At the end of the day, no one wants to end up alone. And I'm hoping to find someone, someday.

TMMP: Has your music career changed the way women look at you?
JB. I wasn't a head turner to begin with, and now that I have a career ...I'm still not.

*JB Baretsky's debut single; "One Nighter" will be available for streaming next week. Check him out here:
JB's Facebook Page
JB's YouTube Channel